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20|03|2014Our first project

Partnership Agreement with Phelisanong closed.

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During his last visit in Lesotho the chairperson of the foundation, Alexander Wright, closed the first contract for a partnership agreement. The foundation is now strengthening the Community Based Organisation Phelisanong in Pitseng.


17|01|2014Our sponsored child Liteboho Nkokana

Our sponsored child Liteboho Nkokana.

Liteboho Nkokana

Liteboho Nkokana was born 01.01.2000, and is an orphan. He is student at Pitseng High School and will finish his diploma at the end of 2017. His favourite subjects are mathematics and science. His hobby is soccer, but he also likes to work in the fields.

Pitseng High School opened an Anti-Aids-Club a few years ago – Liteboho is an active member and wholeheartedly supports the initiative.

17|01|2014 Vereinsbüro

10|01|2014Child sponsorhip

We have a child sponsorship for a child at the Pitseng High School now.


P1070055a Lesotho III kl

The Child Sponsorship was arranged by the Yes we care! foundation from Regensburg, Germany.

Our sponsored child Liteboho will get the opportunity to visit a good school and to have guaranteed accommodation, clothing, food, sanitary items and school books.

We are very glad, that we can strenghten Liteboho as he continues his own path.

10|01|2014 Vereinsbüro
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