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landkarte Lesotho

Where is Lesotho?

Lesotho, the small kingdom in Southern Africa, is virtually landlocked and surrounded by South Africa over a distance of 909 km. It is a wonderful mountainous country roughly the size of Belgium. It also holds a unique world record:

It is the only country in the world that lies at an altitude of 1,388 metres (lowest point) – 3,482 metres (highest point).

Because of this distinct altitude the country is also referred to as “The Kingdom in the Sky”.

Furthermore Lesotho is very well known for its traditional greeting:

Khotso – Peace

Pula – Rain

Nala – Sufficiency

Sufficiency means that people never need more than to fulfil their basic needs and to thus maintain their freedom and liberty.

Landschaft Reiter

About the people in Lesotho

Amongst African national states, the Basotho are one of the few who have a common culture, identity and tradition. The population is almost entirely of Basotho origin, Bantu-speaking people. Currently more than 2 million people live in Lesotho. Approximately 25 – 30 % of the population is HIV positive. Life expectancy is estimated at 52 years on average. Tuberculosis is another common disease besides HIV.

The Basotho people are a very proud people. During the first half of the 19th century various tribes were united under their outstanding leader and founding father King Moshoeshoe I, which is why Sesotho is the main language for the people in Lesotho.

Because of historic developments, Lesotho was under British protectorate. Sesotho and English are the official languages.


The country and its people

Here some great impressions about Lesotho.

  • National plant of Lesotho

    Nationalpflanze Lesotho

    The "Spiral Aloe" (Aloe Polyphylla) is the famous national plant in Lesotho.

  • Maletsunyane waterfall

    P1000864 Lesotho I fuer Image Slider

    One highlight in Lesotho is the Maletsunyane waterfall. It falls approx. 190 m.

  • Guide

    Landschaft und Einheimischer Führer

    The wideness of the land is stunning.

  • Landscape

    P1010271 Lesotho I fuer Image Slider

    Here another example of the wonderful landscape.

  • Katse Dam

    P1030133 fuer Image Slider

    This is the Katse Dam. It is used to collected water which is selled to South Africa and the to produce electrical power.

  • Impressing rock formation

    P1030970 fuer Image Slider

    This whole was washed by water in the stone.

  • Typcial cottage


    This is a typical Lesotho cottage (mokhoro).

  • Roof construction


    The cottages in Lesotho have a very special roof construction. There are only few craftsmen left whom are able to build this.

  • Handicraft

    P1050704 Lesotho III kl

    These baskets and hats are handmade. Well known is the "Basotho Hat" (mokorotlo). It is the emblem of Lesotho and it is found an the country flag as well.

More information about Lesotho

For more information about Lesotho go to Federal Foreign Office or Wikipedia.

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